Understanding LAWS (Legal System)


– Laws can be classified into two groups: NATURAL LAWS and MAN-MADE LAWS.

– Natural Laws are related to Science and Engineering, that is, laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, botony, zoology, and other various scientific fields. Natural laws are only discovered by humans and not invented. These natural laws are applied to various fields, for advancement of Human Civilization.

Humans first discovered FIRE and WHEEL, that is energy and mechanics. Thereafter, WE applied these two discoveries to uncountable matters, for example, soil (salt, minerals, and ores), foods (wheat, corn, oat, barley, rice, meat, etc.), cotton and next, WE adopted various animals and birds for cattling them. Next, We use WHEEL and FIRE to harvest crops. And, so the Civilization runs through our sweat.

– Man-made laws are related to Civilization, Society, Culture, Politics, and individual Human-beings.

Man-made laws cannot be called as ‘artificial’ or ‘manufactured’ laws, becaused a thing is only manufactured by Humans in so-called, factory, and an artifact or an artificial thing is related to cultural creativity of any person or group of person.

Laws are made to properly regularize lives of Humans for better comfort and upliftment of their offsprings. There may be conflicts of opinions between several groups of Human beings, that is, so called societies, States, and/or Religions. However, every cult, society, and every State has some laws to regularize human beings.


So, WHAT laws should we know?

Every human being, whether a citizen of a Country or a refugee (who is forced to leave their motherland because of so-called “conflicts” between groups of human beings) and a foreigner (a worker, traveller, or non-resident), should know some basic legal provisions and procedures for safety of their person(meaning, human body) and properties.

These legal provisions and procedures describes you how and where to go, when you’re in need.


This website is designed considering daily lifestyle of Indian sub-continent, and may apply to other countries and continents. You should refer respective legal provisions and procedures for your local area/timezones.


WHAT, WHY, and HOW ???

It is duty of every human being to know what to do, when insurgents, whether infiltration group(s), or local criminal(s)/offender(s) infringes basic human rights, including fundamental rights of citizens and their kins.

Even a (rightous) strange person has been duty bound to take actions for protection of human rights guaranteed to deprived, poor and illiterate citizens, and other persons.

So, WHAT are basic provisions?

Basic provisions include many thing, such as Consumer laws, Criminal laws, Civil laws and torts, and other laws, for example, Rent laws, and so on…

You may be glad to know that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India is regarded ‘as the protector and guarantor of fundamental rights’ by itself, in the words of Hon’ble Justice Patanjali Sastri, and citing the same, Hon’ble Justice Gajendragadkar held that, “it (the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India) cannot, consistently with the responsibility laid upon it, refuse to entertain applications seeking protection against infringements of such rights”.



Considering the gravity of situation, you should approach the lower authority, and then, or in urgent needs, you may also approach to the highest level judicial system, including police and administration.

You may have to approach local authorities (Police Station, Block-level administration, and Lower Judicial Authority) in first instance, that is, SHO {Station House Officer (police)}, BDO (Block Development Officer), SDO (Sub-Divisional Development Officer), SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate -administration), or SDJM (Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate), Civil Judge, etc. for respective matters.

HOW these provisions applied in a forum?

Some authorities necessiate simple applications, which need some verification, and documentations. Some authorities may not need any application, and they may act themselves with regards to situation. However, some authorities may need proper drafting of applications, and proper attachment of documentation, for which you should refer to an expert, such as an Advocate, a Medical Officer, or someone who can guide you in proper manner.

Police authorities do not need any written application. It is also described from Section 162 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, that even signature and thumbstamp of a person is not required on the abovesaid application. However, for proper investigation of matter, you should describe everything orally or in written to the police officials.

You may say that police officials don’t assist in proper manner, and a common man can’t get justice from them. It may be true in some cases, as various persons made false and counter cases “in fashion and design”. That’s why senior authorities and judicial system have been created for proper disposal of cases.

Even approaching senior/higher authorities for disposal of cases “in hurry”, they may direct their subordinate officials or refer you to approach concerned authorities.


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